Women.N.Menswear S/S {Roe}

Yes, Finally. The second installment for Women in Menswear. I'm really springing into action over the past few weeks with my time and it feels like its really paying off now. The warm weather, that comes and goes, has created some inspiration and joy to finally be in the sun again. Gathering inspiration through the course of time, I've been taking different approaches with some of the shots to give the shoot a bit of a bravado. Roe, le muse, made the jacket look like gold on her, almost found it hard to believe it was thrifted. I'm seriously jealous. And on behalf of the FD team, I'd like to thank the team that helped piece this together.

Art Direction/Photography > Hanif Castle
Visual Direction > Jazzlynn Tolson
Makeup Artist > Sharon Fountaine 


Spring Tings | The Denim Jacket

Decided to take a ride down to the alma mater and make a mess of things with some friends like I did back in the early years of blogging but, I came across an creative duo and young power couple with passion flying through the roof at the university that helped make this happen. The bro Kenneth Callier accompanied me in this style journey while his lady and photographer Jazzlyn Tolson captured the steez. Now that the layers are shedding, a good denim jacket has made the spring one to be ready for. 


Spring Tings | Lightweight Varsity Jacket

Initially, I was going to take the sunglasses off for the photo to give it a humbling mood, but I find there's nothing wrong with feeling a little badass sometimes. As the afternoons heat up and the evenings remind you of the teeth-shattering winter we've experienced, my nylon varsity jacket has equipped me for allergy season. Of course if you continue reading the post, you'll get to check the fit without my bee-eyed shades. Can't take myself so serious with or without them. Ha! 



Which perhaps may be the biggest winter in over a decade, I can speak all for one to say its good that the snow is finally beginning to wash and melt away. I've got my fingers crossed though. With knee-high snow in the tri-state, lug sole shoes and boots have been my idealistic choice for my daily commute and I must say have conquered the snow and ice just as much as keeping my feet warm. This is a view of the Fluid Decorum collective embracing our hometown and its excellence as well as sartorially expressing ourselves.



With all of the hustle and bustle, the energy from NYFW is of great pleasure. From celebrities, designers, musicians, photographers, and the vast amount of bloggers, people came to experience and capture the life of runways as well as the street style that graced the city sidewalks. Technology has made it easier for people like myself to take part in the eventful fashion revival and make the experience worth wild. Due to the cold and harsh weather, the travel back of forth to the city was brutal from Jersey to the city, but focusing on street style, I was able to capture the culture and creativity of fashion-goers.